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Lutz Protze

Protze IMS B.V.
Heerenweg 326
NL - 6414 AV Heerlen
T. +31 (0)45 - 563 05 48
F. +31 (0)45 - 563 04 48

Protze IMS B.V.
Eurode-Park 1-3
D - 52134 Herzogenrath
T. +49 (0)2406-999 025
F. +49 (0)2406-999 023
Company profile

We know all too well that time is money, so let’s not take up too much of your valuable time. Our business, Protze International-Machine-Service B.V. (in short Protze IMS) was established in 1996.


Our services include not only repairs, overhauls and conversions, but also the reconditioning of the following makes: Wotan, Schiess, Froriep, Schies-Froriep, Berthiez, Sacem, San Rocco, Hegenscheidt, Scharmann, Dörries, Collet, Jung, Heyligenstaedt, Pegard, Droop & Rein, and others. These activities are carried out in a number of countries.


Our service manager and technical director is Lutz Protze. He has worked in sales since 1972 and has represented companies Hegenscheidt, Schiess AG and Dörries Scharmann in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, the Netherlands, the UK, France, Norway, Finland, Italy, Australia, Russia, India, Pakistan, Iraq, Israel and the United States. He has a particular knack of being able to find the right solution for everything. Because of his long experience, his name is not only synonymous with expertise and know-how, but more specifically with precision and so ultimately quality.



There’s no machine that works faultlessly. There are however machines that almost work faultlessly thanks to the excellent work performed by our technicians. Although a large number of excellent engineering companies may no longer exist, such as Schiess, Froriep, Jung, etc., we are still able to deliver you the same quality of service.


Our specialists work in a dedicated manner and are able to solve problems safely. If necessary, that means immediate assistance. Although we have little influence on delivery times for spare parts, we do everything in our power to ensure quick delivery of vital parts so that your production is not kept idle.


After all, we know that productivity means profit.



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